The Renaud Brothers are best known for their character driven, cinema verité documentaries like
Dope Sick Love, Last Chance High, Off to War, and Meth Storm. Their work has won the film industry's
prestigious awards, including: a Peabody, Columbia DuPont (twice), Overseas Press Club (twice),
an IDA, a Webby, and an Edward R Murrow.
While documenting the refugee crisis in 2022, Brent Renaud

was the first American journalist killed in Ukraine. Craig Renaud is currently in production on a number
of film projects, including a documentary about his late brother Brent and a national PBS

series called Southern Storytellers.




Brent Renaud Foundation

The Renaud family is proud to launch the Brent Renaud Foundation to honor Brent’s legacy of storytelling through journalism. The Brent Renaud Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the primary mission of providing scholarships for aspiring journalists. Brent would be humbled with any support you are willing to provide to help young journalists carry the torch (camera) for generations to come.





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